The Encyclopedia

Statement of Intent

The New European Bauhaus Research Institute consists of a collective of people dedicated to exploring, documenting, and raising awareness on the New European Bauhaus (NEB) movement. It is a department of Solar Solidarity International (AISBL) which is an official partner of the NEB. Following the publication of a first book, Le New European Bauhaus : vers un nouveau rêve Européen (Ed.Sol’Art, 2022-2023), the current ambition of the NEB Research Institute is to produce an encyclopedia on the NEB.

About the team writing the encyclopedia

The team writing the encyclopedia is a mosaic of passion and expertise, comprising researchers, young professionals, high grade students, graphic designers, artists, and writers, all united by a shared enthusiasm in the NEB. Contributing to the NEB encyclopedia is a particular aspect of promoting the NEB movement and fostering creativity, sustainability, and social cohesion.

The realization of the encyclopedia is also an invitation to thinkers, philosophers, engineers, artists, architects, designers, musicians, creators of all kinds, actors of the cultural and the artistic scene to contribute to a collaborative effort for developing the New European Bauhaus for a more beautiful, sustainable, and inclusive world.


Why writing the encyclopedia on the NEB?

The driving force of this encyclopedia lies in the strong belief in the NEB’s transformative potential and its necessity in today’s world. The motivations of the team are manifold:

  • Defining and Shaping the Movement: As the NEB is in an ongoing development process, writing the NEB encyclopedia is a means to contributing to a reflection for shaping the NEB and its future developments.
  • Responding to a Global Challenge: At this crucial moment in history, with the survival of humanity at stake, the NEB’s principles offer vital pathways to thinking a way forward notably by reconnecting with nature.
  • Documenting for Posterity: The NEB has already entered in history as a cultural and artistic movement. The encyclopedia aims also to document the current period of the NEB and its developments hence ensuring that this memory is preserved for future generations.
  • Fidelity to Core Values:One aim of the encyclopedia is to further raise awareness EU-wide and worldwide on the NEB’s core values and principles—such as aesthetic, sustainability, inclusiveness, trans-disciplinarity, participatory dimension, acting both locally and globally, etc.
The encyclopedia is currently under realization. It shall become a reference as regards the New European Bauhaus. 
Thank you for your patience and feel free to contact us for any question.